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Web Hosting Provider Offers Tips on Video Assembly for the Web

In the era of Web 2.0 and the abundant bazaar assimilation of broadband services, videos are accepted business accoutrement on even small, one-man operations operating out of the company’s apple address in the additional room. Why the growing popularity?

Videos sell. They advertise you, they advertise your company, your articles or services. Videos aswell go viral quickly. Column a video draft on a blog and, if it’s good, it’ll get best up by added sites.

You can column videos on YouTube, amusing networking sites, administrator sites and, of course, your own web site. But if the operating account for that online business comes from the cookie jar, videos may assume out of reach. Not so.

Consider the expense. You’ll charge a fast computer, a appropriate agenda video camera and video alteration software. Assume your accepted arrangement is fast enough. You can aces up high-quality, easy-to-use video alteration software on auction for beneath than $500. And a appropriate superior video camera will set you aback about $800 – $1000.

So, if you alone plan to accomplish a individual video, appoint a able ballista (a camera abettor and editor) and save the investment in video assembly accouterments and software. But, if you admit the business amount of a superior video and you plan on abacus webcasts and added video appearance to your business apparatus kit, accede the basic outlay an investment in your future.

Website Video Assembly Values

Production ethics actuate the final look, complete and feel of the accomplished video clip, whether it’s a abbreviate addition to your aggregation or a five-hour advance for CEU credit. A ailing produced video is worse than no video at all so you accept to get it right. Here are some suggestions on authoritative superior video for your website or for DV downloads.

Source Material

This is the raw footage that you shoot. It should be of as top a superior as the pocketbook will allow.

A lot of individuals use web cams – the low-resolution cameras that sit on top of the computer monitor. Don’t use a web cam. The resolution (picture quality) is poor, presenting a poor aboriginal consequence of you or your company.

Again, the ancestors agenda video camera (DV) will accept a college resolution, accouterment a sharper, beneath grainy, beyond image. Remember, the accomplished artefact can never be bigger than the antecedent actual so consistently alpha with the best raw footage you can afford.


What are you traveling to say? What’s the cold of the video clip? To sell? To actualize credibility? To authenticate a product? Before and afterwards clips? Before you shoot a individual frame, adapt the agreeable to clothing the purpose of the clip.

Now, this does NOT beggarly that you address a 15-minute accent and apprehend it. Even if your accountable is compelling, there is annihilation duller than alert to a talking arch bombinate on. It’s life-threatening boredom.

Instead, advance a account of talking credibility – the 5 or 10 key credibility you wish to accomplish in the video. Rehearse the talking credibility until you accept them done pat. Adapt cue cards that detail talking points, account statistics or accommodate added absolute agreeable that “can’t be missed. Use these cue cards to allocution to the eyewitness – aka, the agenda video camera. Attending anon into the lens if you speak. In that way, you accomplish “eye contact” with the viewer.

Organize the agreeable application the old teaching adage: acquaint ‘em what you’re gonna acquaint ‘em; acquaint ‘em; again acquaint them what you told them. Date one prepares the eyewitness and establishes the viewer’s mindset. Date two expands on date one with examples and acknowledging abstracts and date three is the epitomize of talking credibility and the alarm to activity – the allotment of the video that tells the eyewitness what’s accepted next.


Unless you accept a backing of cash, lighting could be a problem.

You can hire lighting accessories from any photo abundance though, unless you accept lighting placement, you could accomplish that aphotic adumbration abaft you even worse. Use accustomed ablaze if possible. In fact, cutting outdoors on an clouded day provides even, aciculate images. And shots of you walking forth the bank as you allocution about your investment consultancy makes a nice, brainy account (I can accord you all of this) and adds beheld interest.

Voice Over (VO) Narration

One way to annihilate blaze sirens, agreeable kids and added artery noise, is to use articulation over narration. Shoot your DV. Then, almanac your account application the microphone on your DV camera, or buy a appropriate superior mic. You can get aggregate you charge to apprehend your VO for beneath than $50.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Less is absolutely added if it comes to DV on web sites, blogs and added places online. You may anticipate you accept a lot to say and maybe you do, but you don’t accept to say it all at once. You don’t charge to call every advantage, every option, every dash of your message. Instead, use a site-based video to acquaint yourself and accomplish that absolute impression.

Keep it abbreviate if it’s a sales promo. Keep it complete and authentic if it’s advisory or instructional.

Add Text

Text is added during the post-production date – the date at which you mix the complete with the video footage. Audio and video arise on a ‘time line’ that enables you to accord words and pictures.

Use argument to re-enforce key points. For example, the CEO’s name and appellation would arise beneath the footage of her built-in abaft a desk. The CEO states her name, which is again able with a argument bake beneath the CEO’s image.

Cut abroad from the talking arch (or head/torso combo) to argument graphs – ammo credibility that arise on cue as the VO narrator reads the script. This adds beheld interest. Argument and added cartoon are a abundant way to get beyond a lot of advice quickly. It ability yield you 5 account to explain what is visually bright in a bar blueprint or added X/Y graph, chart, map or account at a glance.

Dress Nice

No, you don’t accept to hire a tux but you should attending the allotment whatever that allotment is. Financial advisor: three section business suit. Fitness coach: adorable gym abrasion and no three-piece suit. It doesn’t fit with the gym attending and feel.

This is your aboriginal and conceivably endure befalling to accomplish an consequence on a website company or blog company or YouTuber. Don’t draft it cutting a broken AC/DC bodice as you acquaint your latest investment archetypal affairs up rain backwoods acreage in Brazil. Ummm, what’s amiss with this picture? But, if you’re the skateboard baron of Boise, that AC/DC tee makes just the appropriate statement. Who’s traveling to buy a skateboard from a beatnik in a three-piece suit, for advantage sake?

Add a Music Bed

There’s lots of rights chargeless music online so you ability as able-bodied yield advantage of it. Avoid absorb issues by traveling with rights free.

The music should achromatize up beneath the aperture attempt or addition credits. Use music to cue the adviser that the affair is about to change or some analytical point is about to be made. However, and this is important, the music should never baffle or abstract the eyewitness from the words. Even simple DV alteration accessories accommodate two channels for audio – one for music and one for narration. Anticipate of music as aural wallpaper. You wish the eyewitness to be acquainted of it but to focus on the narrator.

Again, synch your music bed up with the narration.

Finally, Squish It

Video runs at 32 frames a second. That’s a lot of agenda advice to be delivered beeline up so, typically, videos for web upload are aeroembolism application compression ratios independent as allotment of the alteration suite.

The college the compression ratio, the lower the superior of the angel delivered to the viewer. On the added hand, beneath compression agency best download times as added video is delivered to the viewer’s browser.

It’s a acclimation act. If you abbreviate the accomplished section too much, it’ll download bound and hopefully authority the visitor’s attention. But the account superior will not be the best. Abbreviate as bare and remember, alone 10% of web users will sit through a 30-second download.

Gosh, we’re an abrupt bunch.